By performing this easy workout for 10 days you will be constantly burning calories and improving the weight loss process effectively.

This series combines our best standing exercises to ensure you work your entire body easily and efficiently. Through this special selection of exercises you will be able to tone your muscles and burn a good number of calories, building a lean and shapely body!

The key advantage of this workout is that you will not need to set up an exercise plan, as it can be readily performed every day! Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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00:00 Torso Twists
00:32 Torso Rotation
01:31 Lateral Steps
01:59 Side Bends
02:35 Arm Circles
03:02 Rest
03:24 Overhead Reach
03:59 Rest
04:31 Lateral Taps
05:03 Rest
05:35 Step Back Jacks
06:08 Rest
06:40 Knee Drive
07:01 Rest
07:38 Punches
08:04 Rest
08:56 Overhead Reach
09:30 Rest
10:07 Lateral Taps
10:31 Rest
11:08 Step Back Jacks
11:41 Rest
12:03 Knee Drive
12:24 Rest
13:01 Punches
13:27 Rest
14:19 Overhead Reach
14:41 Rest
15:18 Lateral Taps
15:41 Rest
16:18 Step Back Jacks
16:52 Rest
17:24 Knee Drive
17:44 Rest
18:21 Punches
18:47 Rest
19:39 Overhead Reach
20:02 Rest
20:39 Lateral Taps
21:02 Rest
21:39 Step Back Jacks
22:13 Rest
22:45 Knee Drive
23:05 Rest
23:42 Punches
24:08 Rest
25:00 Overhead Reach
25:23 Rest
26:00 Lateral Taps
26:23 Rest
27:00 Step Back Jacks
27:34 Rest
28:06 Knee Drive
28:26 Rest
29:03 Punches
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Slimming Word Update: 1 stone lost in 1 month! - What I Eat In A Day to Lose Weight

Hi Guys,

As promised, here is my update one month into my slimming world journey and I’m super happy to announce I’ve lost a stone in just a month!

I’m over the moon as I haven’t felt hungry and feel so much better in myself. I’ve shared what has worked well over the last month and also some meal ideas on what I typically eat.

Buy the book here:

SW Slimming Diet Healthy Food Mood Fitness Tracker Journal Log Book Diary Full Colour | Slimming World Compatible 12 Week (A5) –

I hope you enjoy this video 🙂

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